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  What is Hybrid Data Storage?  
Hybrid Data Storage is Online Backup for your business. It backs up your accounting files, Windows Servers, MS Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, System State, and any other files you select. Business Edition has many advanced features targeted at commercial applications.
  How do my files get backed up?  
Once you have installed and registered the Hybrid Data Storage software, Hybrid Data Storage will automatically back up your files at night while your business is closed (you can change the schedule). Just leave your computer on and connected to the Internet and Hybrid Data Storage will take care of the rest.
  How secure is Hybrid Data Storage? Can you read my data?  
Before your files are sent over the Internet they are encrypted with military grade 448-bit technology using a private encryption key known only to you. Your files are then sent to two high security Hybrid Data Storage Data Centers and stored on the Hybrid Data Storage Servers in their encrypted form. Nobody (not even Hybrid Data Storage) can read your data. So don't lose your Encryption Key!
  What types of computers will Hybrid Data Storage Business run on?  
Hybrid Data Storage Business runs on Windows computers, on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, all Windows Servers including 2000, 2003 and 2008, 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Hybrid Data Storage will not run on Macs. Hybrid Data Storage Personal Edition will.
  Which files does Hybrid Data Storage Business back up?  
Hybrid Data Storage will back up anything you tell it to, including open and locked files, Exchange (mailbox level), Outlook, SQL Server (individual tables), Active Directory, and System State. It backs up mapped network drives and USB drives. Hybrid Data Storage is delivered with a default set of the most common business related file selections including MS Office, Quickbooks, and others. You can then modify file selections as you like. We strongly recommend backing up only critical data files (and not application files or entire hard drives) to save storage space and backup time.
  How do I restore my files?  
You can restore files using an intuitive restore agent built into the Hybrid Data Storage software. You can restore individual files, folders, or individual Exchange mailboxes. You can restore the latest version of all your files. You can restore any or all of your files to a "point in time", allowing you to revert any file to a previous edition. Hybrid Data Storage does not support restoring with a web browser.
  What happens when I fill up the space in my Hybrid Data Storage account?  
Hybrid Data Storage Business accounts have storage space quotas. When you purchase Hybrid Data Storage you also buy an amount of storage space, usually 10, 15, 20, or 30 gigabytes. Your backups will not stop when you reach your quota. We will send you an email, and you have the option of buying more storage space or deleting some of your files from the Hybrid Data Storage service. If you don't delete files, and your storage space usage continues to exceed your quota, we will charge you for the space you use above your quota. Click Here for the current prices for storage space.
  Does Hybrid Data Storage keep multiple versions of my files?  
  Yes. Hybrid Data Storage keeps every daily version of a file for an entire 90-day period.  
  How long will Hybrid Data Storage keep my files?  
90 days. At the end of 90 days, Hybrid Data Storage usually has several versions of a file as it was edited during the past 90 days. At that time, it will delete the oldest file when a newer one is added. It keeps files you delete from your computer until they are more than 90 days old. This allows you to do "Point-in-Time" restores.
  What about open and locked files?  
Hybrid Data Storage will back up open and locked files except for certain operating system files that never need to be restored. The Hybrid Data Storage Open Files Agent does not require Windows VSS, therefore it works with both Windows NTFS and FAT32.
  Can I read the Hybrid Data Storage Help Files online?  
  Yes. Click Here.  
  How long will backups take?  
The first backup takes the most time, but after that, backups take an average of about 15 minutes for a workstation computer used for "normal" business purposes. File servers take longer, especially if you have Excange. The first backup can take several days or even weeks (in extreme cases). However, backups happen at night, so they won't disrupt daily operations. Backup speed is governed by the upload speed of your Internet connection, and the amount of traffic sharing your branch of the Internet. You can test your upload and download speed to the Hybrid Data Storage Servers at this link.
  Is Hybrid Data Storage HIPAA compliant?  
Hybrid Data Storage complies with the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that affect it. For more information, click here.
  Is the Remote Security Suite available with Hybrid Data Storage?  
At the present time the Remote Security Suite is available only as an add-on to Hybrid Data Storage Personal Edition, but we are working on it! Please check back with us later.
  Will Hybrid Data Storage interfere with my other programs?  
No. Hybrid Data Storage automatically throttles its resouce usage (CPU, Bandwidth, etc.) when other applications need those resources, too. The default schedule for Hybrid Data Storage is to run nightly after midnight when most businesses are closed, and to stop backups by 6AM, saving the remainder of unfinished files (if any) until the next night. You can easily change this schedule.
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