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We believe that reliable, secure and unlimited offsite backup should be available to everybody. 
Backup is not a business need, it’s a business essential. We empower our clients by protecting their data ?Easily and Cost-effectively.

Backup, recovery, and archive needs are growing in scale and complexity. IT consultants and companies face ever-expanding data volumes, more stringent recovery requirements, new security guidelines, and static budgets. To add further complication, there is increasing pressure to minimize power, cooling, and space in the datacenter by adopting “greener?processes.
As the leading specialist in backup, recovery and archive, Hybrid Data Storage has been focused on helping clients, address data protection and data retention challenges by incorporating innovative solution sets with world-class service and support.

At Hybrid Data Storage, we know it takes more than excellent products to help IT departments solve data protection needs. Hence we build intelligence into our products, provide software client to manage your backup, and offer innovative monitoring and data recovery to maximize uptime. It’s also why we deliver comprehensive service and support offerings to meet the needs of customers of all sizes and locations.

Since meeting these complex and rapidly evolving needs often requires multiple technologies and approaches, Hybrid Data Storage is uniquely positioned to address each facet in the backup, recovery and archive process. We deliver intelligent and innovative solutions that integrate remote storage, replication and encryption, and we work with customers to match the right technologies to their specific business requirements. Our advice is tailored for each individual company, and just like our solutions, it is always cost-effective.
Hybrid Data Storage makes remote and off-site backup possible for everyone with an affordable, secure solution that's easy to use. We don’t believe in shivering you timbers with extravagant pricing. We provide a service that is simple to use, easier to manage and is cost-effective. That’s that.

Our system is completely automated and our technicians monitor your system 24/7 to ensure that the backups are occurring on a regular basis. Our service enables you and your customers to:

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